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Weight of the World

by C.R. Hughes 2 months ago in heartbreak

A poem

Weight of the World
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I could see the weight of the world on your shoulders

That was the reason your shoulders slumped

The reason your back always hurt

The reason your hands were so calloused

I wonder who asked you to hold it up?

Was it your punishment

For some sin committed lifetimes ago?

Or those committed the day before

Or did you feel it was always yours to hold

Like an albatross around your neck

You carried the world with you when you left

Maybe that's why mine has been so empty since

I don't need you to bring it back

But I wish you'd put it down

But I know you won't

So I can only hope and pray

That now the world isn't so heavy


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C.R. Hughes
C.R. Hughes
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