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Weep For My Self

by Daniel Oconnor about a year ago in heartbreak
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Don’t give in

I’ll weep for myself I think

For you are not alone

Its me and mine here now

For you are not alone

I come and go

And cannot stay

It’s hard to go

To stay away

From those I love

Day to day

From whom I need

From those I made

I never meant to hurt

I didn’t mean to prey

I never ever thought

It would end in this way

To see you smile

And hear your joy

That in a while

You will enjoy

Another man

that is not me

Another man

to make you happy

It should be me

Or so I thought

It could be me

I could have fought

But it’s gone I think

It is no more

And I feel that pinch

I know it’s torn

You are my friend

But I’m not yours

You are my breath

I’m your lost cause

I’d bleed for you

Not let you fall

I’d die for you

And much much more

I do not matter

To you Sarah Jane

I wish I mattered

To you again

But you do not need

To hear all this

I should not plead

For what I miss

If I do not ask

If I don’t try

You can’t say yes

Only goodbye


About the author

Daniel Oconnor

My passion is words, when I write it usually takes no more than half an hour to bring to life what I’m thinking... if I leave it inside my head i obsess over the thoughts and they transform into something I can’t express...

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