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We Know Too Much

by Mark Jazz Nelson 4 years ago in inspirational

When does our knowledge become us?

So much knowledge, what is it all for?All these facts, statements, truths, statistics and even laws,We want to learn, We want to learn more,We want to learn so much, but what are we learning for?

Are we learning to be smarter, wiser, better than we was?Were we told to learn this much, or are we learning just because?Are we learning for money, Are we learning to be famous?Are we learning because we believe that knowledge can save us?

Sometimes we don't want to learn anymore,At times it seems repetitive, like our daily chores,So much information to remember, recite and recall,So much information, some of it, we don't remember at all.

But knowledge can help us to grow, understand and conceive,But knowledge can make us whither, be ignorant and deceive,Knowledge can build us up, so we can be the best that we can be,Knowledge can build us up, so we look down on the people we see.

Learning about facts & figures alone, makes and keeps us blind,Learning about ourselves, however, keeps an open mind,Knowledge is a part of us, but only single a part,Knowledge maybe power, but it is not who we are.


Mark Jazz Nelson

My aim is to inspire, motivate and show different perspectives through my writing.

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