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We Have Just Met

by Nessy Writer 4 months ago in love poems

A poem about insidious desire

We Have Just Met

Our bodies intertwine and twist

With secret wishes on our tongues

We hide them,

Obscure them in ourselves

The aching hunger always

Frantically pulsating with every push

Of the blood through our fingers and our chests

Heaving with breath that is not our own

Possession and traction,

raking through my hair

Across my back

You must belong to me

Ropes tighten as heat condenses on our skin

And trickles down his back.

My thighs are, shining slick

We sigh, we float on wet sheets

And remember who we are

Or try to, each move like quicksand

drawing us to the void again.

Remembering the silence, his eyes

That cut through questions and submerge me in their darkness.

Muffle me to reason.

The memories do not dance there yet

He does not look at me,

he is searching for what haunts him.

And dares to hope the spectre may be turning from the room

My leg brushes his.

We have just met

A poem in reverse, contemplating the eroticism and passion of first meeting and becoming involved with a new lover.

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Nessy Writer
Nessy Writer
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