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Love Poems That Led Me To Face Tattoos And Marriage.

By Neil HeddingsPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Her body moves

With a flowing grace

Of beauty.

She has the right legs

The right ass

The right titties

Her pussy is gold.

She smiles and has a face

That melts my soul.

She's fuckin crazy...

But find me one that’s not.

She can dance

She can sing.

She likes the way I talk

The way I write.

She likes the way we fuck

And I do too.

I like the way she tastes

When she’s in my mouth

When I'm in hers.

She bares her soul to me.

It breaks my heart sometimes.

But it also

Makes me love her.

I bare mine

And she cries for me.

She cums for me.

I pray for her heart

Her mind

Her soul.

She lights her candles

And prays the same.

I long for her.

She longs for me.

We are intertwined now


The same 2 people

The single one unit.

I’ve said it before:

"I'd leave my dick in her

If I could"

Some might not understand...

But she does.

I do.

We do.


love poems

About the Creator

Neil Heddings

Star I write so I can learn to live with who I am without destroying myself as punishment. Learn to love yourself if you ever hope to love at all.

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