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We are warriors, we are strong

Powerful Motivation Poem

By VIDHYASAGARPublished about a year ago 1 min read

An example of growth, is a seed so small

But with time and care, it stands tall

A symbol of hope, a symbol of change

A reminder that growth is just within range.

From failure to success, from fear to bravery

We can all keep growing, we can all be free

It's a journey of self, it's a journey of heart

A journey that's worth taking, a journey that's art.

So here we are, with a brighter tomorrow

Growth, it's what we're reaching for

We'll keep growing, hand in hand

'Cause growth, it's what makes us stand.

"We are warriors, we are strong

We are us, and that's our song.

We'll keep growing, we'll keep shining

'Cause growth, it's what keeps us climbing."


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