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We are limitless, we are free

Powerful Motivation Poem

By VIDHYASAGARPublished about a year ago 1 min read

It's a journey that requires dedication

A journey that requires patience and perseverance

But the reward is worth it, the reward is grand

A life filled with growth, a life that's just grand.

From the mountains to the valleys, from the darkness to the light

We keep growing, we keep learning, we keep shining bright

It's a journey of self-discovery, a journey that's just right

A journey that leads us to where we want to shine bright.

So here we are, with a heart full of love

Growth, it's what we're reaching above

We'll keep growing, we'll keep climbing high

'Cause growth, it's what makes us touch the sky.

"We are limitless, we are free

We are us, and that's who we'll be.

We'll keep growing, we'll keep shining

'Cause growth, it's what keeps us climbing."


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