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We are Destined for Greatness

We should all aspire to have this kind of ambition.

By David ThomasPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I know that life has not been easy since I was born on this earth.

The hurts and pains I felt are from being told I couldn’t do it or that it is not for you and it will not work.

In my life it has been rough trying to prove people wrong, and even as I write this poem it feels like I am writing a song.

But this is so much more than a sonnet, it is a declaration speaking to my generation with no hesitation about what I believe in and I will not back down.

I will be bold and courageous and never give up, I will only get stronger with time.

To be destined for greatness is like being marked for a greater purpose.

It is like realizing that there is more to life than this and you feel like it has not yet been time to receive your blessing and nobody will understand who you really are as a person and it feels like you are losing the battle and doesn’t look like you will win the war.

But I believe that this generation will do better, because in the end we are destined for Greatness.


About the Creator

David Thomas

I am a 34 year old author/spoken word artist who has written 2 poetry books and an autobiography. I love to write poems that are well versed and talk about everything that is going in society. I will putting some poetry on here.

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    David ThomasWritten by David Thomas

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