We Are A Victorian Garden

Part 2 of the "Modern Poetry" Online Collection

We Are A Victorian Garden
Cover created by Em E. Lee with Clip Studio Paint.

Roses are red while silence is gold

but it’s shine’s dull as a rusty copper bill flying

high above the poppies pushed against the lilac lotuses,

blinded from the thunderclouds’ duct-silver linings.

It should start and end with all carnations

of all palettes and strengths,

surrounding their neighbors with honeysuckle dedication

carried on the daisy-edelweiss breeze.

But then the begonias and tansy rise, make their invasion known,

crush with hulking stems, steal light from those below and around,

tear up the tulip roots and stamens

until the rhododendron scents permeate the air.

They strangle, they ensnare,

entangling even the budding oaks and nasturtium,

their petals gleaming dark crimson while

the innocents’ shine like the black eyes of a Susan.

Why must these battles continue?

Why do we let them go on?

Why do we kill geraniums and goldenrod

and allow the weeds to grow?

What’s a rose without its thorns

when they’re wrenched from its stem?

When they’re trampled in the dirt

forgotten to the dust?

(For reference: www.almanac.com/content/flower-meanings-language-flowers)

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Em E. Lee
Em E. Lee
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