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Water Massage Therapy

by Andrew C McDonald about a month ago in love poems
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Poem about a bad day with a good ending

Water Massage Therapy
Photo by sarah Mahmuda on Unsplash

Woke up late, threw the alarm clock

Grabbed my pants, slipped on a sock

Coffee spilled on my brand new shirt

Christ that’s hot, nipples got burnt

Tire was flat had to pump her up tight

Wait for clerk to get quarters right

Bad day at the office, boss a real jerk

Had my way never return work

Lunch arrived cold and had anchovies

Livin’ on a Prayer like at Bon Jovi’s

Brief was lost in the e-mail system

Instant Messages always be missin’

A raise he cried, you must be crazy

Of all my workers you’re most lazy

Know it aint true I work like a horse

Crackin’ thunder like a God that’s Norse

Associate on Facebook in next cubicle

Secretary not typing, checking a cuticle

Finally headed out to the old homestead

Thinking only of cold beer, warm bed

Horribly stressed, cried me a river

Threw off clothes, shake and shiver

Jumped in water, paddled around

Gurgled and gargled a salty sound

My girl came by, saw me there

Pulled out ribbon, cascading hair

Smile so bright, rivalled the sun

Twinkling blue orbs a promise of fun

Stripped to her undies nary a care

Dry mouth gaping, paddle and stare

Bra and panties so wet, so tight

Smooth tanned skin, Lord such a sight

She dove ‘neath surface, stroked my leg

Please Lord, come up I plea and beg

Goddess in my vision, shimmer and shine

Can’t begin to believe this one’s mine

Water dripping o’er breasts, twine and stream

Pool in belly button, truly divine dream

A kiss she planted as I spluttered and splashed

Against my chest her body was mashed

Laughing, giggling, in water she teased

Overtaxed body getting’ weak in knees

Broke her contact, swam up, then under

Pulse winning Nascar, heart torn asunder

Soaking wet cotton hides not a thing

Constricted throat wanting to sing

Tears dried up, water level dropped

Body feeling like it’d been stropped

Clambered out side, slid to the ground

Caressed by breeze, crickets only sound

Haze clouded stars round blood quarter moon

Lovely creature next to me, Mother Nature’s boon

Sat by my side, head thrown back

Throbbing artery in neck beat like a jack

Runnels of water drip hither and yon

Stresses of day dead and gone

Leaned damp head on my shoulder

Arm slipped round, nearer to hold her

Forgotten bad thoughts that earlier whirled

Here with her all wonderful in the world

Despite all the stress it’s all worth it

As long as by her side I can just sit

Nothing so bad, young man, his lady

Swim under blood moon by a tree that’s shady

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About the author

Andrew C McDonald

Andrew McDonald is a 30 year 911 dispatcher in Florida. He resides with his wife of 35+ years. Upon earning his B.S. in Applied Mathematics at Florida Institute of Technology, Mr. McDonald served as an officer in the U.S. Army 1985 to 1992.

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  • Vocal Teamabout a month ago

    Very well written. Thank You.

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