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Washington's Birthday

Remembering a Founding Father: Celebrating the Legacy of George Washington

By LauraPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Washington's Birthday
Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

On this day we celebrate a hero,

Whose name is known from coast to coast,

Washington, the father of our nation,

Whose leadership we honor the most.

With his courage, he led us to freedom,

And with his wisdom, he built our land,

A visionary, a man of principle,

Whose legacy we still understand.

Through battles, hardships, and sacrifice,

He showed us what it truly means,

To be a leader, to be a patriot,

To fight for liberty and its gleams.

So on this day, let us remember,

The greatness of this historic figure,

Whose life and deeds continue to inspire,

And whose example we can still treasure.

Washington's birthday, a day of pride,

A time to honor his memory and stride,

And to keep his spirit alive,

As we strive to keep our nation thriving and survive.

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  • Swede19727 months ago

    Another great poem. Nicely done!

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