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by N. Thomas about a year ago in heartbreak
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December 2020

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When I met you, I took a chance

and gambled on love

I tried to keep a poker face,

but you immediately called by bluff

I made the mistake of

showing my hand way too soon

I went all in, but you

never even ante'd up

It turns out you were a shark

I was a fish

I thought I went in with a bank roll

but I didn't know when to quit

Instead of tapping out when I should have

I doubled down

Even after I went bust

I kept taking hit after hit

I saved up affection for years

only to squander it all on you

Attention from you was harder to come by

than those elusive auroral glows

Over the years I amassed what I thought

was a fortune of love in my heart

It's now more bankrupt than

Trump's morals or casinos

I should have folded and cut my losses

several rounds ago

But I just kept going and digging

myself deeper into this mess

I got cleaned out

and now I'm in the hole

And I'd rather have bookies break my kneecaps

because it might hurt less


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N. Thomas

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