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Keep fighting for your mental health!

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Yesterday, my friend told me I have the warrior gene because I keep fighting new mental illness obstacles. Here is a poem for me and all you out there fighting that fight, too.


You have a warrior in you

a sword wielding, horse riding

relentlessly persistent bitch Boudicca who takes prisoners

feeds them lunch

and sends them off with a good hug and arrows through their hearts.

You are the conqueror of your body, your mind

stretch it out

touch it

it is yours to plunder and polish.

You own this.

You won this.

In a war for a foot hold

no treaties were signed, no trade accord.

Peace Keepers were left knocking at the door.

Re-colonizer of your own mind, something was stolen from you, damn it. Sink that sailing treasure ship

dive into the watery oblivion


hands filled with pearls, diamonds, gold coins, riches you birthed. They are you, of you.

When did you tell yourself you no longer sparkle and shine? That you are not worth everything and more?

Get out of bed. Bunny slippers belong to the defeated side, living in terror of a dank dungeon of the mind, chained to the wall, scraping the cobblestone floor and fighting rats for scraps.

History is written by the winning side.

I’m a warrior. I will win.

Whitney Sweet is a body positive researcher, mental health awareness activist, poet, novelist, and artist. She used to be a chef, but that's another story. You can find her publications on Amazon, or check out her website. Drop her a note sometime, she likes making new friends.

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Whitney Sweet
Whitney Sweet
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