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by B M 11 months ago in love poems · updated 8 months ago
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happiness in thoughts for the future

warm sun on my back

warm cheek against the palm of my hand

warm light and warm smiles and warm laughter

pastel scarves, warm cozies over mugs of tea

sweaters and fall cardigans

the image of new children running through fall leaves

through yellow fields of bright dandelions

picnic blankets, sundresses, autumn breeze

a wooden house, sunflower garden, acreage of trees

a ginger cat running along a bed of flowers

soft rugs and gold paintings, stained hands

the dreaming imagery of a beautiful life

golden waffles, pouring syrup, buttery love

a square table, rounded edges, four chairs

playing cards, shelves of literature, a china set

the future is bright

through any gloom in the present

blue days where dusk never seems to come

I can always think of home

where I dance to old love songs

write my stories and share them

watch my children play

and he'll be there

warm comforting eyes to take away the night

to dance with me

to read the literature on the shelves

to play the cards on the table

to rake the leaves they'll jump into

to watch the sun rise over the fielded horizon

a place for family, nature, and love

in a present where the sun only seems to set

and the clouds never seem to clear

where the rain falls in heavy drops

and the air is never quiet

I can always think of home

in the future that is bright.

love poems

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20, Revert

Looking to spread the word of Islam and answer any questions anyone might have.

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