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War On Our World

by Iris Storm 2 months ago in sad poetry
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Anxiety and depression for the lack of concern for the consequences of human nature to inflict violence and use up scarce resources.

War On Our World
Photo by Abhay Vyas on Unsplash

The sun has hidden away

Behind the safety of the clouds.

Hidden from the tears of sorrow

In this gray atmosphere.

We stand in the field below,

Drowning in deep sorrow,

Swimming in eternal suffering,

Breathing snatched happiness.

Dead flowers all around us

Swaying in arid wind.

Our time is running out.

Will we make it love?

Nightmares hunting my dreams,

Stressing the end.

No peace for the innocent

The raindrops shatter our faces.

Crooked tree branches

Hang over us,

Black with melancholy

Drop around us.

The outsiders

Made our fertile land

There perfect barren paradise

With war on our world.

sad poetry

About the author

Iris Storm

I'm on a voyage to explore and unlock my creative potential through art and writing. I like fiction, especially adventure, fantasy, mysticism, existentialism, and psychological thrills.

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