War and Walls

A poem of being consumed by society.

War and Walls

Our society gets scarier every day

Slowly, but surely

Walls are being built and

Wars are on the verge of breaking out

I always asked myself what my purpose in life was

Eventually, I learned it’s to help those who are suffering

But how can I help when I am society

I’ve built a wall so high and it’s never breaking

There’s a constant war between my myself and my thoughts

Society frightened me so much that I became it

I don’t really know what I run from,

But anywhere is better than behind this wall I’ve built

I don’t give a fuck about what society teaches us and tells us to be

Yet it haunts me

I became so focused on my fears and what I don’t want

Recently, my wall got higher and higher because of the people and things I was surrounded by

This is when I learned to break down part of my wall

I learned to focus on everything I want and manifest it

To everyone struggling:

Break that wall down

Make yourself a stronger person and get rid of all the unwanted people, feelings, and thoughts

Focus on yourself and all the amazing things that will come from your breakthrough

Don’t get me wrong,

There is no getting rid of society and it will always haunt us

But just be ready to put up a fight and break that wall down

Fuck society

Fuck social norms

Fuck traditions

Fuck anxiety

Fuck depression

Fuck mental illness

Start a revolution and win this war

social commentary
Jocelyn Ponce
Jocelyn Ponce
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