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it could all be so simple

By Alexis RobersonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Shoeib Abolhassani on Unsplash

What do you want?

What do I want?

Someone who is unutterably obsessed with me

Who posts me on social media, any platform , any chance they get

Who gets in trouble at work for being on their phone because they can't take not talking to me for one minute

Someone I can talk about future dreams and myths with even if they aren't realistic

I want...

Someone to just talk to me even when they don't want to talk to no one else

Who knows me inside and out but also acts on their doubt

Tells me I'm handsome every now n then

But also treats me like a princess

You asked me what I want...

I don't want the fancy gifts

I don't want the expensive jewelry

All I want is for someone to not make a fool of me

love poems

About the Creator

Alexis Roberson

I may be young but I have experienced a lot pain, happiness, and growth. This is my safe place that I am welcoming you in, hop on and enjoy the ride (:

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