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by Andrew C McDonald 3 months ago in love poems
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An Erotic Poem For Adults

Drinking in the sight of her

I know that she is mine

Luscious curves

Taut breasts

Flaring hips

Her brazen femininity assaulting my senses

I must have her

Nipples strain against silk

Sliding, teasing, hardening

The points like diamonds

I raise my hand

Stroke the smoothness of her hip

Right at the curve

Her creamy skin so supple, soft, inviting

She leans back against me

Silken auburn hair cascades

Tickling my chest

Causing warmth to flush my system

My manhood awakens

Straining against cotton cage

Lowering my head, I bury my nose in her tresses

My hands glide along smooth perfection

Fingers meeting on her abdomen

Playfully tickling at her belly button

One hand glides upward

Sliding neath silken negligee

There, the fullness of her breast

Heavy in my hand

Thumb and finger lightly tease the bumps

And whorls of aureoles

A gasp escapes her lips

I pull her back into me

She fits perfectly

My shaft presses into the small of her back

Just above the swell of her buttocks

Each teasing moan escaping her moist lips

Causes an ache in my soul

No other so perfect

So beautiful

I must have her

My body strains

Blood pumps to extremities

Cupping one perfect globe

Tip hardened to a point

Circle the pad of a finger lightly

So lightly

Just on the very tip

Her arm reaches up

Hand cups the back of my neck

Pulling me down

“Yes,” she whispers

“I want you”

I must have her

My other hand trails down

Stroking, loving, tickling on it’s path

There the slight resistance of her filmy panties

Gliding under, fingers search the triangle

Of her center

My lips move to nuzzle her neckline

Her graceful, back arches

Exposing her throat to my ministrations

Her pulse vibrates against my lips

Gently I suckle in the cusp between shoulder and throat

Shorter hairs graze my palm as I slide it lower

Finger slips into warm dampness

My lips glide downward

Finger glides over tiny hardness at the top of her opening

Circling, probing, teasing

A gasp as I stroke her pleasure point

Spread wide, my hand cups her in the heart of her womanhood

Sliding sensually over her

Soft fleshy lips part

Finger slides inside


Slipping into her folds




I must have her

Her perfect bottom

Fully fleshed

Pushes into my thighs

My shaft throbs with pained longing

Begging to be set free

Her fingers slide between us




I moan in pleasure

I must have her

Sliding her hand down she cups me

Fingers clutch me through the cotton

Thumb catches the waistband of my briefs

Pulls downward

The tip of me tastes the air

Jerks in anticipation

Liquid seeps from me

As it does from her

Slightly sticky, just coating her finger

As it circles the head of me

I groan in pleasure

My knees lock to keep me from buckling

Nail just so softly slips over the very tip

I gasp at pleasurable pain

My finger slides deeper into her fiery wetness

The bud at the top being stroked with each

In and out thrust of my digits

I must have her

She turns

My fingers slide from within her

Aching to return to her warmth

I pull up the thin material covering her breasts

She raises her upper body

Her arms raise

I pull the filmy negligee off

Tossing aside the thin material I gaze in rapture

Her beauty stunning

Sucking a breast into my mouth

My tongue and teeth teasing her sensitive mounds

“Yes,” she moans, stroking the back of my head

Holding me, forcing me to suckle her

Raising her head, she looks into my eyes

Lips, full, parted, wet

Tongue slips out

Performs a sensual circle around her lips

I bend down

Cupping her taut fleshy perfect bottom

Lips meet



My tongue probes at her lips

Slips inside

Dancing with hers

I must have her

Moving my hands to the perfect curves of her hips

I lift

Pulling her from her feet

Legs, strong, lithe, womanly

Encircle my waist

Sliding downward from where suspended

Her center rubs against my hardness

I must have her

Turning, I step to the bed

Carefully, I lay her on the silken coverlet

Panties damp with juices

Eyes closed

Breasts rising and falling with each breath

Lowering to my knees on the plush carpet

I grasp the silk and lace covering what I need

What I must have

What every aching inch of my body NEEDS

My lips meet her flesh

Tongue probing at the indent in her abdomen

Fingers glide panties down

As she lifts her thighs to allow me this

My head lowers

Tongue leaving burning traces on her skin

She groans

Fingers push at my hair

“Please,” she begs

“Go lower”

My tongue glides in small circles

Tasting the sweat of her need

Fingers spread her center as my mouth reaches her

I lick at the small hard spot

Her thighs tense against me before opening wide

Inviting me to do to her all that I want

Full access to her

Womanly juices fill my mouth

I lap greedily

Slipping the tip of my tongue as deep as it will go

She arches up to meet me

“Please, I want you” she moans

My hands stroke her thighs

She jerks as I run nails along the sensitive skin behind a knee

Gliding back up I grip her perfect buttocks

Pulling her upward

I thrust my tongue deep into her

Drinking her womanhood

Her nectar flooding my mouth

My manhood strains to be let loose

I must have her

“Yes,” she screams

Raising my eyes, I look deep into hers

Desire turns her skin a russet pink

Her cheeks flushed

Smoke in her eyes

Lust burning her flesh

I will have her

Standing, I drop my briefs

My shaft thrusts forward

Like a divining rod

Seeking moisture

Her eyes lock onto my hardness

Her tongue once again licks her lips

As she reaches out to grasp me

Pulling me toward her

Fingers encircle the girth of me

Gliding up and down

My skin slides with her fingers

Each stroke a burning pleasure

She cups my testicles

Kneading them gently

Needing me

Laying back she raises her legs

Speading, she displays herself







My manhood slips along the folds of her

Gliding over her

Tip meeting her small hard spot

Length of me masturbating her

She places a knuckle in her mouth

Biting at the bone

Pulling back, I place the tip at her secret entrance

Allowing just the tip to slip inside

“Please,” she begs

“Please. I need you. I want you in me.”

Her hips buck upward

Wanton moistness covers the tip of me

I have to have her NOW

I thrust

love poems

About the author

Andrew C McDonald

Andrew McDonald is a 30 year 911 dispatcher in Florida. He resides with his wife of 35+ years. Upon earning his B.S. in Applied Mathematics at Florida Institute of Technology, Mr. McDonald served as an officer in the U.S. Army 1985 to 1992.

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