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by Christopher O'Sullivan 3 years ago in heartbreak
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On the open road

Behind the wheel, on the road

Running from what, I don't know

Only dust in the rearview

And a driving urge to go

Passing by all the exits

I am not ready to stop

Push the pedal to the floor

Gonna move until I drop

Need to be away from home

To find a place I desire

Somewhere I can clear my head

Inspiration to refire

Vagabond though I may be

It is only for right now

I will find my way back home

Once I find the why and how

It is not just a journey

I am exploring for hope

To right the wrong done to me

That left me at end of rope

Wanderer is who I am

Seeking a safe harbor

I will make my way to it

Determined, full of ardor


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Christopher O'Sullivan

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