Walking Through Hell

Becomes A Little Sweeter To Swallow

Walking Through Hell
Photo by raquel raclette on Unsplash

When you’ve lived in hell life becomes a bit easier to stomach and a tad bit sweeter to swallow.

The little things don’t wear you down as much and the burdens of daily struggles seem to be accomplished with ease.

I’ve been to hell and back––it wasn’t as hot there as I had imagined.

Maybe that was because my soul was already set on fire or my heart had been torched and scarred with burns by past lovers.

I wasn’t sure why the temperature didn’t bother me.

I walked around barefoot with the devil and wasn’t sure how I ended up hand in hand with him.

On any account, it wasn’t on purpose…

He showed me around and we battered my soul.

I didn’t want to stay there but he wouldn’t let me go.

Malkira Velaris
Malkira Velaris
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Malkira Velaris

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