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by Angel about a year ago in inspirational

(Free Verse) (April, 2018)

Photo by Dmitry Schemelev on Unsplash

Standing still on the edge of the grass

Pavement at the tip of her shoes

Phone to her ear in with one hand

Other holding a bag

With a pack hanging low on her back

Straps loosely holding onto her shoulders

Wind whipping at her sweater

Throwing the bottom flaps this way and that

Her hair whipping in many directions

No laws holding it in place

Not that they could

It covers her face as it flies about

Hiding the deep set brown eyes

Freckled nose

And full lips

Of a tired girl

She turns away from the pavement

Puts her phone into a pocket

Eyes locked on the street

And walks through the field

Heading for the road

Heading for home

She has a slow pace

Taking her time

Wind still whipping at her hair

She jumps the drain at the edge

Deep from years of running water

Cars move all around

She pays no mind

She heads to another road across

And onto another that is gravel

She walks at her own pace

Till she reaches the second house

The one that is white

Without a car in the drive

It’s small and quaint

The dog is at the window waiting

The cat is in another

She walks through the porch

To the front door

With her chipped key

She always had to joggle it

Greeted by a dog and cat

Excited to see her

She puts away her pack and bag

Then lies down for a while

Her mom would be home soon

That was her first time ever

walking home

And she loved it



A freeform writer and digital persona.


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