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for my "partner in time"

By K.C. KENNINGS Published about a year ago 2 min read

Though you wouldn't know it from my Pinterest page,

I am not actually engaged.

But if I married you today,

This is what my vows would say:

My beloved

I promise not to laugh at what comes out of the oven

Because despite how it may look,

I know I will love it.

I promise to put back the dishes the way that you like them

Because even though I don't get it,

I know you have a system

I promise to talk too much during road trips

And though I can't promise

that during movies I'll talk less,

I'll try my best

I promise not to cheer for that green team

Or ever wear their jersey

.... again

I promise to stay loud and a little crazy

Because that's the person you fell in love with

I won't promise you a love that is perfect

Because I won't make promises I cannot keep

But I promise you a love that is worth it

The same love you promised to me

I promise I will never stop seeking to understand you

And to love you continuously through all of our phases

Through all of our changes

Because a decade from now

And a decade from then

And a decade again

I promise we will be different people...

Just as we are different people now

than we were a decade ago

And I promise to thank the stars for that

Because the parts we love in one another

are not the parts susceptible to change

Regardless of time, or circumstance, or age

I promise to keep knocking on the Timekeeper's door

And no matter his answer

I'll keep asking for more

And no matter the consequences

I'll keep stealing moments

every chance that I can

I'll keep at my study

Perfecting the science

Of making time move more slowly

Making the most of those moments

Because somehow, together,

time moves so swiftly

that sometimes I fear that

I'll blink and be missing

These moments so precious

The time that we're spending

And I promise not to be afraid of time

To hold your hand,

stare into the uncertainty,

And know,

beyond know,

we'll be fine

No matter the challenges

Impossible is not part of our vocabulary

Because, once upon a time

The thought of you and I

seemed impossible too

But I'm right here with you

And I'll stay here

until time comes to take me

I promise

love poems

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