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Voicebox/No Evil


Voicebox/No Evil

It gets hard to speak up

when you are exhausted,

You pray that you kill all the demons

with love and kindness.

I try to learn all of my mistakes

and lessons from the past

experiments, radiations

that I try and don't last.

I spoke to a dude

about a joke that he made,

Calling me a chimpanzee

is not okay.

I was happy that he was a part

of one of my riddles,

I was happy that I was holding

a monkey, which was one

of his siblings.

I'ma hit you back,

I'ma hit you back hard.

You better get ready

Cause your luck will fall.

I'm going to have the last laugh

and not you boo,

You think you succeeded

but it was a taste of you being a fool.

I'ma swing back,

I'ma swing back hard

and it's not going to be a try

I will succeed with the healing

of my own scars.

So you can leave me alone

leave me alone for good,

I got the strength to punch you

anywhere I could.

I try hard to satisfy the ups and downs,

bumps and bruises that I've taken

from the words I say around.

I observe everything

Even the ones that I made,

I take it in and believe

it might help me along the way.

I learn from my parents

to stand up for myself,

it took a long route

But I'm still working

on it nonetheless.

Standing up for yourself

it's the challenging part,

Because people like me

get hit with a deadly dart.

In front of people, publicly

I'm embarrassed, don't want to be

my own puppeteer that's holding

my own spirit, the puppet, my dear.

I get offended real easy

Don't take it offensively

When it hit you back hard,

I leave quietly.

But you thinking you've won it,

But I'm just getting started.

But you going to lose, you won it.

It's too late, you tried, just have it.

Oh my goodness,

Did I do this?

Being defensive seems easy

But I'm my own witness.

I can't even play around anymore.

I can't even say anything anymore.

I'm relentless, I just pay attention

I look at you and listen.

When it's time, I'll be ready

But you won't,

so you trip and fall

and listen to my words, antagonist.

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Elisha Cutter

A creative enthusiast with the passion for graphic illustration, footwear design, dancing, and poetic writing. My words are accurate towards my life and what's going on in the society I live in. 

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