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Violet Ink

by Facundo Raganato 29 days ago in art


The Passion of Creation - Leonid Pasternak


In my desk drawer,

Thousands of pages are curled up with ideas and poems

that I still have to write!

They are kept as Diamonds ready to be polished, Purified,

Silently as Lovers waiting for the Night.

In my desk drawer,

I have my Ode to the Moon . . .

with a Violet pen,

written in a rush, written too late, written too soon.

In my desk drawer,

I keep my heart . . .

It will take some time for me to write it out to you,

but it is there,

beating quietly through my life,

lively shinning beyond this burning passion I hold . . .

for those who listen,


in my desk drawer.

- Facundo Raganato


Facundo Raganato
Facundo Raganato
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