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by Laxmi Woodham 3 months ago in art

A Poem of Perception


Many things in life

Cannot be controlled

But human perception

Is most impossible

No two people exist

Who fully agree

On every opinion

The other one sees

Why is this so?

Why are we so unique?

Perhaps were made to listen

But we’re also meant to speak

Each voice contributes

It’s own little view

To form all together

A sight full and true

Words said with hatred

Turn all of us blind

To ways to be helpful

And ways to be kind

Use your voice wisely

It’s not just a sound

It holds strong effects

On all who surround

Laxmi Woodham
Laxmi Woodham
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Laxmi Woodham

Word wrangler, sentence constructor, and eloquence inspector, working tirelessly to entertain imaginations around the world! (Code for randomly scribbling notes and ideas as I quarantine my way through long pandemic days.)

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