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by mx kade 2 years ago in nature poetry

- A Cento from Roz Bound’s “Spirit of Lyme”

“I knew you’d come,” she says,

hands under her sweater

after wind and the rain fill the spaces where words

complete the round of earth and water.

Yesterday, we hesitated on the beach

between five thousand tiny piles of sand.

Too overwhelmed to stay, seduced

through harbour thighs,

unload her gifts until she’s dry.

The fog clears

from crowds of people. Step in front of me

or compromise

my waking dream: a vivid sight

steals my lullaby.

This is my peaceful homing ground

and further still, in my undistracted mind

hides in summer noise, and sunburned cheeks

in sandy memories

mx kade

nature poetry

mx kade

21 year old agender queer, they/them pronouns, currently doing a degree in writing in British Columbia

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mx kade
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