Vanilla Embers

by Jessika Lazala 6 months ago in art

A Story of Twin Flames

Vanilla Embers

the gala dragged on

the patrons yawning


for the clock to strike 8.

as i approached the bar

johann strauss’ blue danube

began painting

a picture of peace.

enamored, i watched

twin flames bouncing with the beat.

beneath their feet,

the ballroom floor melting.

nothing fuels their love

more than the gas

of all the lovers

from lovers past.

matching his stride,

shifting her weight,

one couldn't help but think

this waltz was fate.

enchanting the crowd

for what seemed like forever,

their energy filled the crowd

with a love so tender.

suddenly the wax hardened,

and stopped giving way --

How does it work?
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Jessika Lazala

Jessika Lazala is a teacher and writer from Springfield, MA. Her writing is motivated by trauma, love and loss.

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