Us Ending Me or You

"We could just be and be us."

Us Ending Me or You

Hi we

meet again my

name is I

know you

know, okay I

like you, I

mean your

existence, presence, I

mean I

just I

enjoy you

being here. Look at us

on top of this world that we

both have always resided upon. We

have so much in common. You

move your foot in front of the other when you

walk forward. I

love how you do that: your

one and your two. I

watch the repetitions and I

consistently admire you. I bet you

breathe simultaneously too. I

think I

might find that harder than most people do. You

seem like you could show me a thing or two. We

could just be and be us

infinitely if you

wouldn't mind if I

might take some time that you

don't have yet to spend in our

unmade bed that we

have yet to play in. We

can mess it up, and bask in our

satans we'll

let loose in there, like our

little dark haven, where our

lust lasts more than one lifetime and you're

loving me with your

old eyes and inside time I

can travel toward that sunrise we’ll

watch together with our

sheets on the floor and our

doors open for each other's minds to fly into, so you

and me

can keep running through us

over and over again towards the end that never comes

Copyright © 2018, Kira Stevens

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