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upside down, backward, and inside out

by Emma Sikes about a year ago in love poems
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read top to bottom and then bottom to top

upside down, backward, and inside out
Photo by Monty Allen on Unsplash

upside down, backwards, and inside out

you happen to be able to read me

I’m a bad actress and

I can’t help that

my heart wants someone else

and I think

about how you never even cross my mind

empty promises ensue

but you let me continue my charade

with those knowing eyes

you see right through me

despite my efforts

my whole universe doesn’t revolve around you

although I smile and lie and claim

I want only you

standing beside me

I wish you weren’t here

because I could never say

I love only you

(Now read it bottom to top)

love poems

About the author

Emma Sikes

If you can’t blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bs.

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