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Ups and Downs

Life is a rollercoaster, it is what you do in those ups and downs that get you through.

By MICHELLE SMITHPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Why are these thoughts surrounding everything I do?

I'm feeling more and more vulnerable no matter what I do

Loves ones say they are here for me

No matter the obstacles I face

Although I feel as though they aren't, I'm going to fall on my face

These thoughts just keep on circling

I'll always be alone

No one b my side except the little ones I know

This is hard to accept, I'm sure someone can relate

Falling deeper and deeper into this each day

Things feel like they are crashing

All the walls are closing in

When will I crawl out? When will these feelings fade away?

Seems harder and harder no matter what I try

Although I know I can conquer this

It is all just taking time

Patience has never been my friend

I'm struggling accepting all that is

I know someday I'll be okay

I'll find happiness one day

Even if I'm alone for life, I know things are going to be alright

Ups and downs are a part of life but it is what you make the best of them that can turn the situation around. Whether it be work, children, friendships, or a relationship that you are struggling with just remind yourself that rough patches happen, it is normal for any health relationship. Look for the light in all situations and definitely don't take those in your life for granted. You have a support team, lean on them. If you don't have a support team then build one, start with me. We all need someone who will be out listening ear, someone who will listen to our crazy ideas, or just be there when you need a friend. Ups and downs are always going to be there but don't let the bad conquer the good. Start your week fresh!


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An inspirational poet. Writing poems to show others that it is okay to show feelings another way. I've tried a couple articles but I've found I'm better at the poetry. Just want to inspire and encourage others through tough times.

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