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by Darlene Franklin 2 years ago in social commentary
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An ABC poem about the Corona Virus

Alert! The rules have changed,

because the awful truth is clear.

Corona has arrived at the nursing home,

dividing us into “haves” and “have-nots,” lines

extending on a daily basis.

Faith holds me steady.

Grabbing ahold of simple pleasures and

hanging on to ride the virus out.

I don’t believe it’s my time yet, a

jackpot of truth when too much

knowledge heard second-hand

leads to fearful speculation.

Mercy seen in simple acts

nurses risking health and life

Once busy halls now empty,

party atmosphere dismissed as

quarantine deepens.

Rules changed from

six-feet apart to

total isolation,

unbroken except by staff and

virtual visits for those with a computer.

Where can we mark our calendars with an

“x” to show the day it ends? Answer unknown.

Yet now, today, I hold on to the hope

zipping through my veins.

social commentary

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Darlene Franklin

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