Until We Meet Again

Gone but never forgotten.

Until We Meet Again

I wish to say goodbye

I'll always be grateful for your kindness

Your gentle presence

Reminds me of how much you care

The absence of judgment

Put my heart at ease

I miss you

I dream at night and see you standing there

You lived life to it's fullest

You inspire me to do the same

Even in my darkest hour

I remember your grace and strength

Today this is what carries me thorough

Without or guilt or shame

I am just the way God intended

This is what you taught me

I feel stronger and free

When I learned that you had passed away

My heart sank into the pit of my stomach

I gasped for air.

A moment so surreal

A time of imense dispair

A photograph of the two of us

A celebration of love for life

More precious than any diamond or gem

Tears stream down my face

This is now and that was then

Gone but never forgotten

Goodbye sweet one

Until we meet again

Janelle Ouellet
Janelle Ouellet
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