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Unseen Resilience


By Raj’s VocalPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Unseen Resilience
Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash

In the depths of the ocean's embrace,

Lies a world of unseen grace.

Where coral reefs shimmer and sway,

In a dance that never sees the light of day.

Creatures of wonder, with colors so bright,

Navigating through darkness, guided by inner light.

Anemones swaying, jellyfish glowing,

In a silent symphony, their resilience showing.

For in the darkness, they find their power,

Adapting, evolving, hour by hour.

Each creature a testament to strength untold,

In a world where secrets are never sold.

So let us learn from these beings unseen,

Embrace our inner light, let it gleam.

For like the creatures of the deep blue sea,

We too possess hidden resilience, wild and free.


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