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Unpredictable Life: A Trip Filled with Spins and Twists

Finding Laughter in Life's Absurdities: Humor as the Ultimate Coping Mechanism

By BINAPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Life can be quite absurd, it's true,

One minute you're happy, the next you feel blue,

You might think you're the master of your destiny,

But then life throws a curveball, oh what a felony!

It's a rollercoaster ride that's hard to construe.

There once was a man named Fred,

Who was quite forgetful, or so it was said.

He'd walk into a room and forget why he was there,

And spend hours searching for his missing hair.

But Fred had a secret, a trick up his sleeve,

He'd laugh it off, and never believe,

That his forgetfulness was a curse,

But rather a gift, a blessing in reverse.

For when life throws curveballs his way,

Fred would simply forget, and start fresh every day.

He'd never dwell on the past, or worry about the future,

And in the present moment, he found his treasure.

So when his car broke down, or he missed a flight,

Fred would just shrug it off, and make it alright.

He'd find a new adventure, a different path to take,

And soon enough, he'd find his own fate.

Life can be quite absurd, it's true,

But if we don't take it too seriously, we'll make it through.

With a little bit of humor, and a lot of grace,

We'll conquer any challenge, and win the race.

So let's all be like Fred, forgetful and free,

Embracing life's absurdities, and letting go of worry.

For in the end, it's not about the things we can't control,

But rather how we react, and the joy we can unroll.

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