We are One


People Unite.

Each and every one of you, Rise Up.

It's time to reclaim your Power.

Step into your true Self.

Do away with Fear, with Greed, with Hate and Worry.

A New Dawn is upon you.

A New Day is approaching.

Now is the time to decide where you stand, what you stand for and step forward into your truth.

Embody the spirit of your Warrior and come forth with your Light.

Will you let this darkness dictate your Freedom, your Rights as sovereign beings of the land that is rightfully yours?

It is your birthright by Divine right.

The Earth, the Ocean, the Land, the People, We are One.

Take off your Masks.

Drop your Ego.

Stand true for your Self, for the generations to come.

Cast off the shackles of Self doubt and fear mongering.

The time is here to say, No.

To say, Enough.

Our people have been lead astray.

We have been forced into a system of corrupt governed bodied Ego driven few, yet the vast majority of Humanity are powerful beyond belief.

Wake Up.

Open your eyes to your Divinity, Brothers and Sisters.


Break open your Hearts and remember Who you are.

Stand UP.

We did not come here to be enslaved.

We came to Free ourselves.

We came to Learn, we came to Teach.

We came to Love.

Let that Be.


So It Is.

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E. L Knight.
E. L Knight.
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