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by Tiffany Wells 2 years ago in love poems
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What a Lie it is

We always are told that it’s okay to be unique

What a sweet lie it is

We must conform to the standards society has placed

Anything different is seen as a sin

You must love the sweet kiss of a man

Never lust for the same sex

But her lips are so soft and I can’t resist

Her smile shines my world

Her laugh contains so much joy

If I must be shunned for who I love

Let it be so

For all I need is her love

and the joy that comes from that is indescribable

And if you see that as wrong

that my love is the same sex

Go fuck yourself

love poems

About the author

Tiffany Wells

Hi! I am currently in college and majoring in writing! Writing is my passion and I hope to be able to teach it one day!

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