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by Jessica Taylor 10 months ago in surreal poetry



I speak with open intentions

Things I desire are more than mentioned

My heart longs for you to know

My soul longs that you show.

I have needed the change of pace

And I constantly hide it in my face,

There is more here than you can see

There is more I know I must be.

Damn it, I say "HEAR ME NOW!!"

I don't really care how;

Just open your ears to learn

That there are things in which I yearn.

None of the things you bring

Seem to ever really make me sing.

And now after all I have said

You still bring things I don't really want instead.

Then you wonder why my words are left unspoken

And when I tell you how my heart feels broken

You tell me its going to be alright

But when you say it I only want to fight.

I hate that you don't listen or understand

Then try to make the play to your hand,

I hate that you ask me to tell you

I hate your promises that you never follow through.

And again and again all I have is anger to share

All in all its getting too much to bare.

So please, I need you to understand me some how

Its time more than ever to hear me now.

surreal poetry

Jessica Taylor

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Jessica Taylor
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