Unexpected Trust

by Todd Worrell about a month ago in love poems

something new

Unexpected Trust

How far do you trust a feeling?

How long can I follow this trail?

How much will you say to another?

How true can I be to myself?

icy ground cracking underfoot

with the thawing of spring and slow rebirth

how the worn path became overgrown

and the new way exposed

coy red bird with rose petals face

a lucidity of heart and an eagle’s grace

Enticed by resplendence of eyes

Enthralled by the lines on a face

Besotted and wrapped in each sentence

Falling. Falling into that embrace

discarding sterile games of forfeiture and lesser propositions

high tide comes in with the bluster of a tsunami

and a fire pulled by dual gravities

locating the passion of purpose

Wrapped in arms

Heart held taut

Ease of feeling

A lucky lot

Behind a fear

And haunted squint

Allowing its slip

Letting us kiss

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