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Underwater me!

When life speaks of death…

By Ekta K. Kalra Published 6 months ago 3 min read
Lonely but aim is to serve still the humans’ floor!

underwater me

struggling for life

to respire even in this time

life! life!

i too want to survive

again this time.

underwater me

struggling for life

many a disputes

set to life

many a transits

from pain to life

but I want to survive

the doctor recalls


they blame my genes

but I utter one thing

save me please!

I too want to live

long like a normal

in life

but death is more unexpected

in this corona time

but I chill

i fight the water deep within

the storm carries

my dreams

away from me.

what‘s wrong with your mind

you are schizophrenic

you it was

it was you

who attempted

this suicide

and now without death

you cannot survive

there is life after death


no! It’s a lie

Its all the plan

of religion

to get me dead

let me live

allow me life

we aren’t taking

your life away

as we again say

why did you attempt


I thought life was hurting

it bleeds my mind

sad thoughts of decade long

pop up each time

I have struggled

without being in hell

what is heaven

it’s no surprise

give me life

serve me life

tattered and shattered

will be your every dream

it will bleed your kidney within

you and liver will

end up too

such a painful life

you beg for


after you attempted


you are running mad

don’t listen to her

her relative said

give her death

mercy me doctor

let me live

let my intestine

ans liver bleed too

I have seen

mental pain

what hurt

will physical wound

do me

tell me you

csn I live

if yes

let me also live new


you are a suicide case

in asylum you will stand

rest of your life

will be

a total unrest

what you ask for

is life worst than death

No! I ask for life


be if unrest

I attempted suicide

but now I need life

I tell you doctor

my mind did bleed

and penetrated the blood

deep in me

to disbelieve life

is my only crime

give me breathes

of any order of pain

in the absolute unrest

let my life


What if your limbs will go

what work will you acheive

when life will flow



is only death

now i know

I will preach life

I will end in others

the thought of suicide

my pain will mend

youths broken ways

I will teach life

in my life’s daily dying


every age of people

who look for death

I will be a lesson

to read

to be wept

how much more pain is death

my life shall tell

it will chill the person

who aims suicide

My life will be light

for those

who want to get wiped

let me survive

on death bed

me in pain

let this be bed

my mind will always bleed

but my life will serve


to the mother

who’s son shall live

by what I just said

its a real story of


my life isn’t unreal

let‘s weep more

when we call death near

escaping from world

should be

never the goal

life begins

with or without


it doesn’t matter dear

let me live

and set an example

I know what’s life

I know what’s tear

my life will end

one day soon

I know

till then my pain

you use

to serve as roof

for broken hearts

and homes

i will die soon

I know

but my words will live

despite storms

in homes

where lives will be saved

because of my pain

I will entertain


peace will be my goal.


About the Creator

Ekta K. Kalra

I am in search of something inside of me which I know cannot be found outside of me. Real knowledge!

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  • Real Poetic6 months ago

    Very interesting…

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