Under the Night Sky

Passion Roams Free

Under the Night Sky

Skin to skin as bare as we can be your body against mine and mine against the concrete

Sex was in the air with the rain cooling the heated passion

Water Running off your drenched body I look into your eyes

Seeing clear; the darkened sky from the gray clouds meant nothing

Time was on our watch

Drifting the evening away

Listening to my heart beat you smile because it’s all for you

Holding the side of your face like a cup

As you guided gently back and forth

Submerging me further every time

While gripping my tri-cep

In the cold, feeling nothing but warmth

No water could fit between our bond

The night was nothing more than a useless scenery

Rising like the king you crowned me to be

With the wind blowing the

Transparent but sparkling water off my body

I stood there observing your every curve

Walking to the balcony you sit there waiting for me

Heartbeat soaring into space with each step

The City streets beneath our feet

You reach out your legs and pull me in

Locking hands as you dangle over the edge

Climax coming soon

Trust meant something new

Holding me like I was a baby

Arm behind my head and around my body

My hands were glued to the rails...

Breath taking was your warmth

As you choked my teammate

With your Clinching, until he gave in

Giving you white rain drops of his own

In that moment there was no more dark sky

Only bright lights and an air that homeostasis was achieved

To our knowledge a beautiful memory was created.

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