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Under the Mistletoe

by Jason White about a month ago in love poems

an original poem by Jason White

Under the Mistletoe
Photo by Wendy Aros-Routman on Unsplash

I wrote a letter to Santa Claus

Setting the record straight.

I started the letter off

With the cold hard truth.

I stopped believing many years ago

Because there wasn't much

To give me hope.

But then I continued with

A turn of events

As a result of my new mindset.

I want to believe

In the magic of Christmas

I want to believe in you

Chris Kringle.

So I continued in my letter

I know this is a tall order,

But I want you to bring me

My dream woman.

I described to Father Christmas,

In great detail,

Just exactly what I desired in you.

Now I am a great believer

In Christmas magic

Because when I opened my eyes

I was greeted by you.

love poems
Jason White
Jason White
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Jason White

Jason White is a father, a grandfather, knowledge seeker and sharer. Jason is the owner of Growth Positive Consulting where he puts his fundraising and management skills to great use. He is a writer, a woodworker, and a philanthropist.

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