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all of the above, freely.

By helianthus Published 2 years ago 3 min read

He called me his Sunflower

Ownership at the loosest degree

He would take off his glasses as to peer

those intense eyes into my memories

The innocence and curiosity of what this love could birth

Is it really love though?

He would question my well-being every time he felt a shift in my energy

The atmosphere was never too hostile that we could not succumb

to each other’s kisses and apologies

We both knew each other

Somewhere deep down the walls we built

to protect our hearts from the other came down

Swiftly to the sweet aroma of a fresh start

A fresh start like when the sun decides to shine

while the sky cracks open to quench the thirst

of those who desire to see new blooms

His Sunflower bloomed because of his willingness to break the dam

The dam that held all the energy she needed to grow

She saw him

He saw her

She admired him

In all his majesty

In all his mistakes

In all his temperament

She knew he would change her

He found her intriguing

Taking all of her in everyday

He would leap and jive when he saw her face

She saw then that he would never lose his excitement for their love

Questioning this love is abominable

Many fail to feel this way

Although rough and ragged

They knew somehow that they could not be without the other

Silence was not an option

Giving up all that was normal for them

They were willing to melt into each other more everyday

Melting until one, as if not,

the other would fall back into the darkness that kept them from each other

The darkness that entrapped their willingness to love aggressively







Exposing the soul

Exposing the other easily

Bowing to each other placing Crowns every rising Sun and Cloudy Sky

Wanting to lay in bed all day with no responsibilities

No urge to leave the other

Not only in their bare nakedness but in their own world

Time ceased to exist

The cosmos lined up perfectly for their enjoyment

Retrogrades did not phase the underlying beasts

enraged by the need to be released

Released to love freely

Sunflower loves Her Sun

She follows Him as He Rises and Sets

Blooming and Closing at his command

Not knowing what the next day will bring

Optimistic and Trusting that Her Sun will Rise again

Setting to only Rise

She somehow became the reason for the Sun to show His face

Her Seeds fell to the ground when He hid behind clouds and chilled winds

Frozen in fear of this new environment

What has come of my Sun? Asks Sunflower.

Has He abandoned me? Where has He gone?

Does He leave to re-energize the very coils that I follow so vulnerably?

He must miss me. Why doesn’t He miss me?

Too long you have been gone Sun.

Please show your face, so that I can follow you as you Rise and Set.

Your energy is my growth enzyme

My purpose to bloom

My name and calling. I am your Sun flower, Sun. Your Moon when you cannot Shine.

Your rain when you need to hide

Your wind when you need to be free

Free from the cumulus clouds that thunder under pressure

Negative and positive ions that clash to make lightening

Your beach

Your sand

Your smoke in your lungs

Your lips to kiss

Your hands to hold

And your heart to miss

I don’t deserve to give you seeds

Time was not on our side

Thank the Universe for its ignorance to the clock

Thank the Walls that broke down to this love

Thank the Stars for your cosmic incombustible energy

Burning through my soul although miles apart

In the sky we are one

Creating a dark hole that only sucks in what is needed

Needed for our survival

So is it really love?

Answer is all of the above.

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"I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within." India.Arie

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