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Yes..It's uncommon and It shouldn't be happened to anyone...😰

By Timing QuotesPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Uncommon - Fictional Poet

"In a rush world where all around me strive,

I stand alone, a broken soul in strife.

I lost my family in a tragic fate,

Leaving me empty, with a heart full of hate.

People try to comfort, they lend a hand,

But their words, though kind, cannot understand.

For no one can replace the love I had,

The laughter and joy that once made me glad.

My father was gone, he was my light,

A guiding force that brought peace to my sight.

But now he's gone, and I'm left to cope,

With memories that no one else can hope.

I walk this earth, in this rush world so cold,

Feeling alone, despite the stories told.

For no one can fill the void in my heart,

That my father left, a work of art.

So I'll keep moving forward, one day at a time,

Honoring his memory, and his love so divine.

For though he's gone, he'll always be with me,

In the depths of my heart, where he'll always be."

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