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"Uncharted Echoes"


By MaggiePublished 8 months ago 1 min read
"Uncharted Echoes"
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Looking back at the book I cherished,

I realised that I had not dealt with any major issues.

But why is there always a question about me trying to avoid things?

It might be true that I am wandering in my dreams and ambitions.

I have many given the life span.

But will be able to achieve at least one,

If yes, which one will it be?

The one with my happiness or one with many responsibilities

The one with my interests or burdens

The one with power or with love

All are different yet important in aspects that do not matter to anyone.

Being evolved within the restrictions of society.

It makes me sad every time that I am not able to come out of this vicious cycle in my life.

Yet something that is not mine consoles me.

There are more problems rising and falling than what I have.

Maybe that is the only thing that gives me hope for a brighter day.

Catching starts in the daylight.

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I'm Maggie, a writer whose imagination is deeply influenced by the captivating world of television. My writing seeks to transport readers into vibrant realms and evoke the same sense of wonder that television brings to life.

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