Exploring the unconscious, untapped territory of the mind


Sometimes, reassured by my doubt, I

plunge into the depths of the very sea

which I had, before, avoided

Galloping from the top of the precipice,

I drop down, slow and steady

I am ready for anything

that comes my way

Truths revealed, I find myself

with an uncanny awareness

of those broad moments in life

which are now etched into my head

I lay waste to all that has fallen,

accepting the “come whatever may”

is not far from all my “c’est la vies”

These mountainous ranges, perhaps,

are not too far from the trees

Behold, the sun glistening from behind

awakens new vessels for those

whose voices echo through empty walls

Nothing but cannon fodder lies

in the past, but

the future seems bright after all

I saw what was and I see

what will be, lying awake

at night in-between the sky

and something else much greater

I fumble and fall, yet,

somehow, I still don’t lose at all

I remain one with that

which I cannot see.

Inside cavernous ditches

and beyond hilltops above our heads,

we find that nothing is

really what it seems

Within our minds, waves

of mysteries undefined,

lie dormant inside a crevice

so deep that even the stars

cannot fathom its existence.

Without a doubt, I delve

into the layers that lie beneath,

echoing in our dreams

and showing grandiose visions

of an oasis

that flickers beyond

our eyelids

Is it truly the mind that

creates reality,

or is it everything in between?

Amy Sanginario
Amy Sanginario
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Amy Sanginario

Aspiring writer, illustrator, and psychic with an affinity for poetry and horror. Many of my poems are done through automatic writing- A natural connection to the Divine Source of wisdom. Read with an open mind for best results 🔮✨

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