That which haunts me


Uncertainty...she is an evil bitch!

She haunts you in your sleep.

She taunts you when you are awake.

She whispers in your ear, and tells you that you are less than everyone else.

How does one silence her?!

Each time I try, she gets louder.

I scream for her to stop...cover my ears and squeeze my eyes closed.

I know she is a liar, but I still succumb.

Looking in the mirror, she is always there.

I have to find a way to stop her, before she drives me into madness!

Or, has she already taken me there?

Am I lost?

sad poetry
Chantal Spurgeon
Chantal Spurgeon
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Chantal Spurgeon

An old soul in the 21st century who love all things dark. I believe in quality for all people.

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