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Two Sentence Horror Stories

Once upon a time…

By Leah DeweyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Two Sentence Horror Stories
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I had the time of my life at the dance. I hardly noticed the blisters and blood on my feet.

Blood is thicker than water. But I could easily drown you in both.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. It comes in the light.

We always respect the ocean. Lest she swallow is whole.

Don’t upset Auntie. Or you’ll be a bad smell in the attic.

The family gathered together every holiday. It was a struggle to put them back in their graves at the end.

Everyone fears the devil in the fire. But it’s the angel in ice that means the most harm.

I always loved my bed. Until it transported me into a nightmare.

She was always smiling so widely. No one ever heard her cry for help.

I always loved my imaginary friend. Until he tried to kill everyone.

The baby was crying upstairs. I panicked since I don’t have a baby and I live alone.

I wasn’t afraid Mama. He was already dead.

I loved her to death. Now she haunts me every night.

Your lips felt nice against my neck. Until you bared your teeth and ripped out my throat.

I have faith in you and I. Even when it’s do or die.

She warned me not to open the book. I should have listened.


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Leah Dewey

Hello. Welcome to my page. I have been writing for over ten years & have been published in several different formats including magazine articles, poems & full length novels. I have a BA in English Literature & a Masters in Psychology.

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