Two People

by Gail S. 3 months ago in love poems

One Heart

Two People
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She loves him like no other,

she has ever loved before,

she misses him in an instant,

as he was walking out the door.

His smile oh so charming,

his heart worn on his sleeve,

the way she felt so warm and safe,

she wished he'd never leave.

The time apart is difficult,

and sometimes hard to bear,

but when they get their precious time,

their love cannot compare.

She whispers that she loves him,

and tells him not to go,

but things are complicated,

and he simply says "I know."

She wonders what her life would be,

if he were not a part,

she believes they are two people,

who will always share one heart.

He tells her that he loves her,

every chance that he can get,

so she will know she's special,

and he's so glad that they met.

They wish that things were different,

and someday they will be,

for now they go on longing,

for a future they can see.

Time will tell the future,

and love will choose the time,

while they are together,

there's no mountain they can't climb.

So patiently they wait,

for their time to come along,

knowing that their love,

is what truly keeps them strong.

She loves him like no other,

she has always from the start,

their love is like two people,

who have always shared one heart.

All my love, G.

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Gail S.
Gail S.
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