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Two Incomplete Halves, Forming a Unified Soul

by Creative Hub 2 years ago in love poems
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user thumb George Hiegel

Two Incomplete Halves, Forming a Unified Soul
Photo by Sabina Tone on Unsplash

If I say I think of you often

Tell me, do you care

If I say I dream of you

Of you and I in imagined scenes

Would it bring a smile

To your strong, deeply attractive face

Do you still believe in love?

And its ability to lift up

The spirit and its soul

To soar to new heights

Where you never thought possible

To even think of before

Tell me, you still have that faith

And that the past has not broken you

Or jaded you into total disrepair

Would you believe me if I told you

That I have been waiting a lifetime

To meet my special one, my one true love

And as the special time of Christmas

Has arrived here, once again

I will tell you and all others

Who happen to read my words

You are my special one

You and no one else but you

You are the one I've been waiting for

You are the woman of my dreams

I love you in the here and now

And whatever tomorrows that there will be

My love for you is pure

And filled with the warmest of light

And all I need now for my life

To be purposeful and meaningful

To be joyously full and complete

If for you to tell me

That you care for me

That you love me

And want to be with me

And share my company

Then you and I, hand in hand

Can lift the other up

And we can go to a place

Neither of us has ever been before

Of shared enlightened love

Two incomplete halves

Forming a unified soul.

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