Turning Tomorrow's Today

"I can't stop being awake because it's too quiet."

Turning Tomorrow's Today

I think I’ve spent too many nights

turning and trying desperately to decide

which side of my head I should fall asleep on

Where do I want the blood to go?

Tomorrow I tell me

these thoughts just need some time and some typing

Then I remind me again

don't avoid sleep just because I can

Tomorrow doesn't have to be the day

It only has to be today

It's a lot simpler than I'm trying to make it seem

but there’s a silence that shatters

my senses while sleeping

so I can’t stop being awake

because it’s too quiet

thus there’s too much of me to listen to

in my dreams

which can’t wait for my consciousness

to rest

before coming out to play

and pretend that it’s day time

I wonder if

other minds like mine and I

stay awake throughout the night

neither because we're afraid of light

nor affiliate with dark empty skies

but because in shadows we don't have to see or believe

that any day following dreams has to come to an end

unless we get out of our heads

which never want to rest

but really do wish they could

Copyright © 2018, Kira Stevens

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Kira Stevens
Kira Stevens
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